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Here are the novels and short stories she’s either published or is currently working on.

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Twisting Fate

Officer Kate Murphy has had a tough start in life: her parents and younger brother were killed in a burglary gone bad when she was just a teenager, so her Uncle Kenny took her in and raised her as his own. When his DNA is found at a murder scene, Kate becomes determined to prove that her uncle, her last remaining relative, is innocent.

But Kate and the rest of the world don’t yet realize that a much bigger scheme is at play. Scientists have developed new technologies that encroach on our civil liberties, blur the lines between right and wrong, and turn our societal ethics upside down. They’ve created their own private army and have just one goal: cull the herd and reshape our world.

Will Kate manage to navigate the hurdles that this case throws at her and save her uncle before it’s too late?

Prequel and Sequel to Twisting Fate

Prequel - Draft
17,307/30,000 words

Forsaking Fate
In this standalone prequel to Twisting Fate, Kate Murphy must find a way to juggle work at the Boston PD while keeping her marriage afloat.

Through a series of dreadful revelations and surprises both at home and at work, Kate will discover that marriage is a lot more than what she signed up for.

What will she have to forsake to once again find happiness?

Once Twisting Fate has 50 reviews published on Amazon, I’ll start writing the sequel. (Hint, hint, go leave a review now!)

Sailing Away

Sailing Away
Rough Draft
27,068/100,000 words

Sailing Away is an action-adventure trilogy about Jeremiah Tallow and his beautiful young wife Cassandra. They are spending their honeymoon on their newly-purchased forty-foot Concordia Yawl somewhere in the Pacific Ocean when a storm catches them off guard. They end up stranded on separate islands in a large archipelago. Some of these islands are inhabited by indigenous people, others are simply uninhabitable.

The first-part of this trilogy explores the main characters’ desire to survive and hope to reunite, even though they aren’t even sure that the other is still alive. It explores how people change when placed in a harsh environment, how easy it is to get discouraged, and how far past their comfort zone they’ll need to go to achieve their goals.

I’m hoping to finish the rough draft for the first book by the end of 2016.


Rough Draft
1,633/100,000 words

I’ve written the beats for a horror story that deals with cannibalism. Definitely not a happy story, but I think it will be interesting.



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